What We Do


Unexpected expenses are nerve-racking. To help tide you through those stressful times, we provide 30 day short term collateral loans. We can offer you a loan for the assessed value of the property you walk in with.

Buy Goods

With two certified gemologists on-site, you can be sure our purchase offers are fair and accurate. We look at each item individually, careful to assess the current resale market value for each piece.

Sell Goods

Known for our impressive selection of intricately designed jewelry, one-of-a-kind timepieces, and high-end guitars, come see why customers make it a point to keep coming back for more from us.

Need cash today?

It’s not uncommon for people trying to free up cash to attempt to sell personal property either on the internet or using a marketplace app for pre-owned goods. Here’s the thing, though: if you need cash immediately, as in today, you’re going to be out of luck using another method.

We’re your best option

You’ve got a wait ahead of you before you see any money. You’ll have to wait for the sale to go through. You’ll have to wait on whoever’s picking the item up, assuming you don’t have the burden of delivering it. Of course, you’re also waiting on the money to show up. During all this waiting, you might begin wondering if you actually received a fair price after considering the time you invested in the sale. The inconvenience and uncertain outcome could leave you wondering if the proceeds (you’re still waiting for) were actually worth the time and exertion you sacrificed during this whole ordeal.

Service you can count on

Selling something of personal value at Bonded Loan Office means walking out the same day with cash in your pocket. Bonded Loan has a reputation for providing fair and accurate appraisal prices for personal items, relieving you of any nagging uncertainty over that sale price you agreed to with that guy from Craigslist who promised the check was in the mail.

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